Gino Salamena new Managing Director of ELS GmbH

Sascha Schuh intensifies ASCON Holding's international activities

On 1 June 2017, Gino Salamena joined Sascha Schuh and Heiner Oepen as the new third managing director of ELS GmbH. He will take over the executive responsibility for the sales division from Sascha Schuh. Gino Salamena has already worked in the waste disposal and packaging licensing market for many years, for example in the position of managing director at Redual, and therefore has a thorough and extensive knowledge of the market. Salamena will not only head the sales division; he will also prepare ELS GmbH for the new challenges resulting from the packaging law that comes into force in Germany in 2019 and implement it, and focus on expanding the take-back systems business.

Sascha Schuh will continue his work as an ELS GmbH managing director; in this position, he will be responsible for the areas of corporate communications, the sales IT department and the Latin America project. With immediate effect, Sascha Schuh will primarily concentrate on the establishment and expansion of ASCON Resource Management Holding's international business.

With Gino Salamena, we have managed to recruit a proven specialist for the packaging licensing and packaging disposal market for ELS GmbH. I respect Mr Salamena not only on a professional but also on a personal level and I am very much looking forward to seeing him apply his dedication to ELS," says Sascha Schuh. "I have passed on the executive responsibility for the sales division in order to focus on the holding company's international activities. It is our declared strategic aim to develop new areas of business and to continue to expand our international sustainable material flow management further – the entire group of companies will benefit from this."

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