Claudia Bohl

…is a proven dual system business expert. The packaging recycling specialist, officially appointed and sworn by the IHK German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has worked for EUPVcycle GmbH since 2015, and has been its sole Managing Director since 2016. The business administration graduate, whose studies focused particularly on recycling and recycling technologies, has practical experience in all areas of the dual system business and therefore an extremely sound and in-depth knowledge of all packaging waste disposal issues. Claudia Bohl has contributed much to the current practices, for example in the area of licensing enquiries, questions related to separating filling materials packaging that contains residues of hazardous substances, the declaration of completeness contents, separation of private households and in many other areas.

Claudia Bohl is registered as expert at the national authority "Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister" and respectively trained.

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is registered at the national authority "Zentrale Stelle" in Division 1, auditors and tax advisers in Division 2

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