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European Audit Company for Packaging Recycling

Complying with the German Packaging Ordinance regulations is a complex challenge, not just for packaging manufacturers and distributors but also for recycling and waste management companies and the respective system operators.

With EUPVcycle, our European Audit Company for Packaging Recycling, we help our customers to strictly comply with the legal requirements. Our team of experts, auditors and tax advisors, all officially appointed and sworn in by the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, offers advice and practical support to our customers.

Our portfolio includes, for example, advice on the implementation of the seventh amendment to the German Packaging Ordinance and the new packaging law (Verpackungsgesetz, VerpackG) that will come into force in 2019, packaging analysis including the determination of the correct weight, a review of the legally required declaration of completeness and advice on industry solution models that meet the requirements of the seventh amendment.

We also certify plastic packaging in accordance with the German Packaging Ordnance and EuCertPlast, the European plastics recycling industry quality label.

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Accepting and carrying out your commission also means guaranteed maximum data handling confidentiality and discretion. You can rely on our discretion, and also on the fact that we will carry out everything you have charged us with reliably, conscientiously and on the basis of our longstanding experience.

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